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...a newborn and family photographer living in Dallas, Texas. I was born and raised in the Windy City. I fell head over heals for a Texas boy, and have been married to him for 17 years. I have officially gone full-on-southern. I love the tradition, style, and elegance of the south! We have three sweet children, Oliver (12), Graham (8), and Heidi (6). 

I've photographed hundreds of families and newborns and have worked with some amazing commercial brands. I love to capture beautiful images whether it be for families that want to freeze time and capture a memory of their children's beautiful curls, squishy cheeks, or tiny toes. I'm here to create a stress-free, luxury experience that can be treasured for years to come.

I'm Heather, your Dallas Portrait Photographer

beautiful children make my heart happy.


trips to Chicago each year to see family bring me joy.


cup of coffee prepares me for the day ahead.


My family has my heart. Our moments and memories together are my favorite.


I love to travel whether it be to a sunny beach, a historic city, or a serene landscape.


I took a weightlifting class in college, and it has been something that I have enjoyed ever since.

Strength Training

I love little heirlooms  pieces that help me remember the little details of my children.


What I love Most:

I was 15 and picked up my dad's 1970s Minolta film camera. It wasn't long before my friends began asking me to do sessions for them. After high school, I attended Baylor University with plans to study Photography, but I had a change of heart before even taking my first class. Instead, I pursued Architecture, believing it to be a more stable career path. Looking back, I laugh about that decision.

After graduating, I spent seven years designing fire stations and enjoying the field of Architecture. But when my oldest son was born, I found myself unable to put down my camera. I wanted to capture every detail of my precious baby boy. That's when I made the decision to stay at home with him, learn everything I could about photography, and pursue my dream career.

Now, as a family of three, I continue to document our lives and strive to create beautiful photographs for my clients. I believe that every photograph tells a story and showcases the love and joy shared between families.

My journey began when...

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I met my husband my Sophomore year at Baylor University. We attended church together, and since I didn't have a car and needed a ride to church one week, he offered to drive me. This is where it all began. We had a great time chatting on our drive to church, but I was naïve and didn't realize he liked me until he sent me flowers a few days later. I remember having no idea who the flowers were from. After that, we dated for two more years, some of it long distance, as my Architecture degree required me to do my Senior year at Washington University in St. Louis. This is where he proposed. He flew up Easter weekend to visit me, and honestly, I knew it was coming. I only saw him every other month, and we had talked about getting married the summer after we graduated so he was really running out of time. We took a picnic lunch at the picturesque Forest Park in St. Louis. If you've never been to St. Louis, it is basically a smaller version of Central Park in NY. We sat in front of a fountain where he asked me to marry him. I, of course, said "YES!" Our wedding was held at a beautiful library on Baylor's Campus, and now here we are, 17 years into our marriage, and I would do it all again!

First comes love

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am obsessed with health.

Most people don't know that I:

my husband

My favorite person in the world is:

spend time with my family.

When i'm not photographing, I:


My favorite place to travel:

an architect.

If I weren't a photographer, I'd be:

a large coffee in my hand.

In the morning, you will find:


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